About us

Our Mission and Vision

KOD Skills empowers young female athletes pursue high performance sports by supporting them with high quality coaching, access to equipment, developmental tools and skills.

All girls and women should have the opportunity to develop positive values and achieve their highest potential in sports, and in life.

Our Team

Jody Patton

Jody Patton Started Kingdom of development Skills Academy over 20 years ago. His passion our youth and player development has allowed him to be success in being a part of positive change in opportunities for training, coaching and development at the highest levels of athletics

Jody Patton

Naimah Abdullah joined Kingdom of Development Skills Academy when her love for the game guided her into a gym full of kids being trained and developed by Jody Patton. After graduating and playing at Siena College Naimah knew that giving back to the youth and helping them achieve and reach their highest potential through the sport that has taught her so many life lessons is was her chosen path.

Jody Patton

Jevon Patton is the blueprint of KOD Skills Academy. Jevon's passion for basketball and KOD is what drives our program. Jevon graduated from Loyloa Maryland and soon after started his career as a professional basketball player overseas. His knowledge of the game and skill set allows him to give back to every athlete that walks through the KOD doors daily while still chasing his dreams of continuing his career playing basketball overseas.